Gary Saltman

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” - Joseph Chilton Pearce

  • Work Experience
Work Experience

Qualification Summary

  • Operating Systems: Windows OS (7/8/10), Basic of Linux CentOS 6.
  • Microsoft Office 365, Imaging PCs using Ghost, McAfee and Avast Anti-Virus
  • Networking technologies: DNS, DHCP, Wi-Fi, IP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, VoIP/SIP, SAN, and knowledge of SAN and Cisco switches
  • Video Conference and Remote Device Management:
    TeamViewer, Skype for Business, HPE MyRoom, Dameware
  • Helpdesk Ticketing System: LANDesk, Salesforce, Xerox Services Manager (XSM)
  • Experience with various backup systems and business printers
  • Excellent Communication, Active Listening, and Problem-solving Skills

If you looking for an excellent employee who can solve problems and calm cope with any challenges or situations in his inventive mind and resourceful skills, then I'm The One you are looking for.

29.08.2018-> ESP Global Services Limited UK (Dublin, Ireland)
Onsite IT Support Engineer

Onsite Support for all airport passenger processing systems and I help the airport staff daily by solving their IT problems.

  • Carrying out preventive maintenance as well as troubleshooting and repairing on the range of self-service machines (Windows 8/10)
  • Troubleshooting, and repairing MUSE (Multi-User System Environment) Workstations, bar code readers, cameras, information displays, printers, and etc.
  • Remote Device Management with Dameware
  • Respond to all customer incidents (LANDesk) and work to agreed SLA's
  • Inventory handling (Microsoft Excel)

My achievements in my work:
  • I have created a better preventive maintenance procedure, and this has led to all-time low support calls.
  • This is also accepted as a permanent way of maintaining these self-service machines.

02.04.-28.08.2018 Holiday

  • Most of HP, Ireland job moved to India and I am one of the lucky one who lost his job (Hewlett Packard Enterprise will cut 5000 of global staff 2017-2018.).
  • I say lucky because I got a fantastic redundancy payment, and this gave me time to meet my family in Finland, watch World Cup Football and enjoy the summer.

17.10.2011-30.03.2018 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP)
(Leixlip, Ireland)
Nearline Support Engineer

Troubleshooting and solving problems to customers with a support contract and third-party customers by phone, email and remotely.

  • Reactive Problem Management—Troubleshooting
    I took 1 to 3 months of complex problem solving-cases.
    Where I take care of planning updates/testing, keep everybody up to date (e.g. Customer, Managers, Team Leaders, Level 2/3/4 Engineers) and writing reports.

  • Respond to all customer incidents (Salesforce) and work to agreed SLA's
  • HP StoreOnce systems (Disk backup system that running on Linux and IBRIX File System)
    • I was handling most complex issues and escalation cases
  • HP Standalone Tape Drives and Tape Libraries
  • HP Virtual Storage Appliance (Software-defined storage backup appliance that eliminates the need for dedicated hardware.)
  • HP MSA (Modular Smart Arrays)
  • Information gathering, analytically troubleshooting and problem research
  • Generating Sales Leads
  • Using SAN Toolbox for solving problems in SAN switches (not officially supported our team)HP
  • Very often I also troubleshoot servers, switches, and different software's

Nearline Support Team?

In February 2012, I and 6 colleagues were given an opportunity to create a new team to support Hewlett Packard backup systems. I worked for this team until the end of March 2018.

  • Our goal was not to replace the backup systems without a diagnosis
  • We helped to do troubleshooting and solving problems by phone, email and remotely
  • We trained customers to do troubleshooting and manage their backup system(s)

  • Also, we wrote many instructions on how customers can manage better their backup system(s)

11/2010-10/2011, Xerox Ltd (Dublin, Ireland)

Customer Support Account Champion

  • Support customer's with business printer solutions via phone and email
  • Escalation of incidents, as and when necessary
  • Troubleshooting and solving technical problems both by phone and e-mail
  • Accurate documentation of all ticket-related issues within Xerox Services Manager (XSM) and other tools
  • Validating DRA's and dispatching consumables where required

01/1998-06/2010, ICE Group Ky (Espoo, Finland)

  • I sold customers McAfee and Black ICE Security Solutions and licenses
  • I installed and educated customers to use McAfee Antivirus/ePO and Black ICE products
  • I also had a computer recycling service.
    I made companies a safe way to recycle computers to remove all information from hard disk(s) with an overwrite program or by destroying it.
  • I re-assembled computers and sold them to consumers.