Gary Saltman

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” - Joseph Chilton Pearce

  • Work Experience
Work Experience

Qualification Summary

  • Operating Systems: Windows OS (7/8/10), Basic of Linux CentOS 6.
  • Microsoft Office 365, Imaging PCs using Ghost, McAfee and Avast Anti-Virus
  • Networking technologies: DNS, DHCP, Wi-Fi, IP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, VoIP/SIP, SAN, and knowledge of SAN and Cisco switches
  • Video Conference and Remote Device Management:
    TeamViewer, Skype for Business, HPE MyRoom, Dameware
  • Helpdesk Ticketing System: LANDesk, Salesforce, Xerox Services Manager (XSM)
  • Experience with various backup systems and business printers
  • Excellent Communication, Active Listening, and Problem-solving Skills

02.09.2019-> Meyobo Ltd,
Part-time Technical Engineer

29.08.2018-> ESP Global Services Limited UK (Dublin, Ireland)
Onsite IT Support Engineer

Onsite Support for all airport passenger processing systems and I help the airport staff daily by solving their IT problems.

  • Carrying out preventive maintenance as well as troubleshooting and repairing on the range of self-service machines (Windows 8/10)
  • Troubleshooting, and repairing MUSE (Multi-User System Environment) Workstations, bar code readers, cameras, information displays, printers, and etc.
  • Remote Device Management with Dameware
  • Respond to all customer incidents (LANDesk) and work to agreed SLA's
  • Inventory handling (Microsoft Excel)

I have created a better preventive maintenance procedure, and this has led to all-time low support calls

02.04.-28.08.2018 Holiday

  • Most of HP, Ireland job moved to India and I am one of the lucky one who lost his job (Hewlett Packard Enterprise will cut 5000 of global staff 2017-2018.).
  • I say lucky because I got a fantastic redundancy payment, and this gave me time to meet my family in Finland, watch World Cup Football and enjoy the summer.

17.10.2011-30.03.2018 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP)
(Leixlip, Ireland)
Nearline Support Engineer

Troubleshooting and solving problems to customers with a support contract and third-party customers by phone, email and remotely.

  • Reactive Problem Management—Troubleshooting
    I took 1 to 3 months of complex problem solving-cases.
    Where I take care of planning updates/testing, keep everybody up to date (e.g. Customer, Managers, Team Leaders, Level 2/3/4 Engineers) and writing reports.

  • Respond to all customer incidents (Salesforce) and work to agreed SLA's
  • HP StoreOnce systems (Disk backup system that running on Linux and IBRIX File System)
    • I was handling most complex issues and escalation cases
  • HP Standalone Tape Drives and Tape Libraries
  • HP Virtual Storage Appliance (Software-defined storage backup appliance that eliminates the need for dedicated hardware.)
  • HP MSA (Modular Smart Arrays)
  • Information gathering, analytically troubleshooting and problem research
  • Generating Sales Leads
  • Using SAN Toolbox for solving problems in SAN switches (not officially supported our team)HP
  • Very often I also troubleshoot servers, switches, and different software's

Nearline Support Team?

In February 2012, I and 6 colleagues were given an opportunity to create a new team to support Hewlett Packard backup systems. I worked for this team until the end of March 2018.

  • Our goal was not to replace the backup systems without a diagnosis
  • We helped to do troubleshooting and solving problems by phone, email and remotely
  • We trained customers to do troubleshooting and manage their backup system(s)

  • Also, we wrote many instructions on how customers can manage better their backup system(s)

11/2010-10/2011, Xerox Ltd (Dublin, Ireland)

Customer Support Account Champion

  • Support customer's with business printer solutions via phone and email
  • Escalation of incidents, as and when necessary
  • Troubleshooting and solving technical problems both by phone and e-mail
  • Accurate documentation of all ticket-related issues within Xerox Services Manager (XSM) and other tools
  • Validating DRA's and dispatching consumables where required

01/1998-06/2010, ICE Group Ky (Espoo, Finland)

  • I sold customers McAfee and Black ICE Security Solutions and licenses
  • I installed and educated customers to use McAfee Antivirus/ePO and Black ICE products
  • I also had a computer recycling service.
    I made companies a safe way to recycle computers to remove all information from hard disk(s) with an overwrite program or by destroying it.
  • I re-assembled computers and sold them to consumers.

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